Hi, I’m Michelle.

As a strategist, I enjoy applying critical and creative thinking to projects in order to solve problems and accomplish digital marketing goals.

My journey towards digital marketing began with a degree from SFU, where I majored in Communications and minored in Publishing. I dipped my toes into marketing projects and practices over the course of two co-op placements with BC Construction Association, and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Check out my blog posts about my experience as a co-op student, and my time working for INAC.

These valuable opportunities showed me that my interest in human behaviour and enjoyment of writing could be enhanced by learning technical skills. It was a natural progression into RED Academy’s Digital Marketing Professional program from there.

Born and raised in Vancouver, I feel proud and fortunate to live in both a hub of innovation and an oasis of natural beauty. Whenever possible, I like to spend my time outside, especially camping and hiking in the summer months. When that’s not possible, I will be curled up at home reading a book, following up on current events, or watching the latest Netflix series.

Though BC is my home, numerous volunteer retreats abroad have made me comfortable working as a cooperative team member with diverse groups of people towards a common goal. With these experiences, I am understanding of the needs of organizations; working together in the same collaborative manner, we can achieve your digital marketing goals. I am genuinely excited by the fresh, energetic pulse of the digital marketing industry, and carry this enthusiasm into all of my work and interactions.

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